About Us

About the Home

Providing nurturing care for children, youth, and families since 1970

Our Mission

To provide nurturing care and life changing services for youth and families in need.

Our Vision

To be a community leader that exceeds industry standards of care, pursues innovative practices, and equips youth and families to achieve healthy independence and sustainable success.

Our Values

Consider others.

We value every person's strengths, abilities, and experiences. We treat everyone with dignity, and consider how our actions and decisions affect those around us.

Anticipate the need.

We explore and evaluate opportunities to best serve our kids, organization, and community. We proactively adapt wherever needed and take action.

Raise the bar.

We lead by example, take individual responsibility, and embrace the challenge to be better. We reflect honestly, communiate candidly, and work intentionally to strengthen the process for next time.

Encourage growth.

We seek to uplift and support those around us. We realize the potential in others and help them achieve it. We see the big picture and work together to pursue common goals.

Our DEIB Statement

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We use our individual beliefs and personal experiences to create a welcoming culture of diversity and support each other as we build an inclusive community.

Don’t just come here. Belong.

Who We Serve

Youth in Foster Care

Any child ages birth to 21 in custody of the S.C. Department of Social Services who does not require one-on-one care. Most youth served by the Home are ages 13 and older, including pregnant and parenting teens and young adults transitioning to independence.

Runaway & Homeless Youth

Many youth find themselves without a safe and stable place to stay each night. They may be couchsurfing, living in unsafe homes, or truly without a home.

Since 2017, the Home has served youth ages 17-20 from the community who are in need of a safe place to stay.

Pregnant & Parenting Youth

As the need continues to increase for pregnant and parenting youth, the Home continues to be a resource. We support teens and young adults during their pregnancy and while parenting in a variety of ways.


LGBTQ+ youth experience much higher rates of homelessness, bullying, assault, and harassment than their peers. They also experience much higher rates of depression and suicide, often due to the stigma and discrimination they have faced. The Children’s Attention Home prides itself on creating a welcoming, nurturing, safe space for all children and youth.

Located in York County, the Home offers temporary shelter, compassionate support, and individualized care for every child. Since its establishment by the Rock Hill Ministerial Association, the Home has provided temporary shelter for more than 8,500 children. The Home opened its doors in 1970 and continues to serve youth in foster care from any county in South Carolina and young adults facing homelessness from North and South Carolina.

Every young person who comes to the Children Attention Home is unique and receives resources and attention to meet their individual needs. During their stay, the Home provides holistic care to ensure youth can progress, begin to heal, and move forward from the trauma of their past. Youth work on skills focused in the areas of basic living, education, workforce preparedness, independent living, and participate in community and school activities based on their interests. 

With help from local donors and supporters, the Home is able to provide these teens and young adults with exciting and unique experiences, such as attending professional sports games, local restaurants, movies, museums, arts classes, going on camping and beach trips, and many other activities that they would normally not have the opportunity to attend in the past.

The three cottages on the Home's main campus are licensed by the South Carolina Department of Social Services and collectively serve up to 36 children at any one time. On average, youth will remain with the Home for 2-3 months, with stays ranging from a few weeks to over two years.

Want to learn more? Find a time to come visit our campus.