Our History

Impacting our community’s vulnerable children since 1970

The Children’s Attention Home, Inc., was conceived out of concern and compassion for victims of child abuse. The Home cares for abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless children from South Carolina. In 1969, it was brought to the attention of the Rock Hill Ministerial Association that these children had no place to go other than foster homes, and there were simply not enough foster homes. Those were desperate times. These children were being placed in jail for the lack of emergency shelters. There are still not enough homes to provide help to children who are victims of child abuse.

Community United: The Inspiring Story of Children's Attention Home

In the fall of 1970, a house was rented near Winthrop University in a quiet neighborhood, renovated, and the doors were opened to provide shelter for children who had been victims of child abuse. Many people helped in the renovation and the start of the facility by volunteering. Individuals, church groups and businesses made financial donations. Youth services from local churches got involved. By donating their time and energy, they organized events that generated donations of clothes, toys and essentials for the children staying at the Home. All of this was a result of a strong commitment to community service and a genuine spirit of unity and mutual interest in the welfare of the children.

Since the Home first opened its doors, there have been over 8,000 children served by the Children’s Attention Home. As each year of operation goes by, the Home grows and strengthens in all aspects. Accurate records are kept on everything from the children to volunteers, those who donate, and employees. Long range plans are formulated by the Board of Directors. These plans are then embarked upon until they become reality.


Palmetto School: Providing Individualized Education for Children in Grades K-8 In 2004

In 2004, the Palmetto School at the Children’s Attention Home, a separate nonprofit, was started to extend this objective by providing a secure, more individualized educational experience for our children in grades K-8. With small teacher to student ratios, the children are able to move forward with their education while dealing with turmoil in their lives.

Crossroads Program for Homeless and Runaway Youth and Achieves National Accreditation In 2017

In 2017, the Home launched its newest program serving homeless and runaway youth through the Crossroads program. In this program, youth 17-20 receive the same services as children in foster care for up to two years while they pursue their path to successful independence. In the same year, the Home achieved National Accreditation through the National Council on Accreditation.

Our Objective

The Children’s Attention Home’s main objective has always been to provide a temporary care shelter in which a child can experience a loving and secure family life until the child’s own home conditions are corrected or a permanent home can be found. The Children’s Attention Home continues to fulfill this objective after nearly 50 years of operation.

There are still not enough homes to provide help to children who are victims of child abuse.