Fast and Furious

September 20, 2021

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The youth enjoyed a hands-on experience in their Labor Day field trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

The young scholars took an educational field trip to experience the behind-the-scene operations of NASCAR and explore the world of speed and cars. They were able to engage in building race cars from scratch while learning about the various factors that contribute the the design of the cars. There were several students who were successful in getting their creations to work!

After learning about the design and how that translates into the field they were able to participate in simulated race experiences as part of their scientific study. They appeared to have a ball while spinning out and trying to navigate the wild world of racing. The competition became heated as they tried to beat their peers. It was a sight to see.

It was a memorable day as they took turns participating in collaborative groups, working as the pit crew. One team was able to make the top three for the day as they were successful at "jacking" the car, changing a tire, and refueling the car in just 17 seconds!

Donations such as yours make these experiences possible. Thank you in advance for continuing to support our youth as they participate in activities that are instrumental in helping to expose them to opportunities outside of their normal lives. It is greatly appreciated!