Ring the Alarm

September 16, 2021
"Let me tell you something." - Fire Marshall Bill

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Several residents completed a community service project giving back to the men and women who protect and serve.

Did someone call 911? A group of residents set out to give back to the men and women of the Rock Hill Fire Department Station 2. Two of the youths cooked and grilled a delicious meal to be shared with them. They went all out. Mark* cleaned and deboned the chicken before grilling; while DJ* prepped veggies for his famous baked beans and pasta salad. The meal was a big hit with the service personnel.

Before breaking bread with the group, the guys washed the fire trucks. Tyrone* was excited to partake in the event. “It was fun hanging out with them. My grandfather took me to eat lunch with the police before, but this was something different. They were cool, and interesting to talk to.” He even exchanged gamer tags with one of the firemen. They intend on having a NBA 2K face off.

After washing the trucks the group took a brief tour of the firehouse. The group really enjoyed hanging out in the gym. The Fire Fighters stressed the importance of good health and how that is an integral part of their success on the job both mentally and physically. They encouraged the youths to be active and proactive in addressing raw and suppressed emotions. Additionally, they stressed the importance of endurance and stamina in all aspects of life. The Fire Fighters welcomed them back as they appreciated the fellowship.