Right Behind You.

May 1, 2020

Think about your life.Who helped you get where you are today? Was there someone who mentored you? Did you have family or friends in that you could call when you got in a bind? Who had your back?Many of kids don't have that person, much less people.They don't know who to call when they need advice for what comes next, how to figure out that situation, or when things begin to fall apart.They have no one to depend on - no one looking out for them. With your support, the Children's Attention Home surrounds them with people who love and care for them.Staff, volunteers, and donors all step in the gap to make sure the children at the Home get the loving, compassionate care they deserve and provide them with all the tools they need to begin their path to independence. We have their back - and you can too. Give today at http://attentionhome.org/give.