Residents Find Their Voices with New Committee

February 13, 2019
“As the Residential Services Director, I feel it is important for residents to advocate for themselves in relation to the services they are receiving”, says Alicia Scott. “It is their home and we are always looking at ways to improve and provide better services.” From this way of thinking, the new Resident Advisory Committee was formed.

The committee essentially functions like a student council at a high school. It was created to allow the residents to communicate concerns, suggestions, and ideas for improvement. Overall, it serves as a channel for the residents to provide feedback in a welcoming environment. The group consists of four employees, including our social worker, and a child representative from each cottage on our campus. PQI Director, Kina Thompson, says, “Implementing initiatives based on suggestions made by residents speaks directly to our service quality and program goals. It also boosts their confidence by placing them in leadership roles.”

Ms. Alicia also reported that even with the Resident Advisory Committee being in its beginning stages, the residents have already brought feedback to the group and changes are already being implemented.

The Children's Attention Home believes in ensuring the children in our care have a voice and a quality of life reflective of the care and values of our teammates and our community. When asked how he felt about the committee being formed, one resident simply replied, “awesome!”