Remembering Rev. Bob Porterfield

September 30, 2015

“He was the nicest man you’ll ever meet, and he never met a stranger. He just loved people.”

“He beat one drum and he had one dream, and that dream was to serve the Lord by loving people.”

“He didn’t just talk about it. He did it.”

These are just a few of the many statements made by those of touched by the life of Rev. Bob Porterfield, who passed away on Tuesday, September 22 at age 83.

In 1970, Porterfield and two other area pastors – Rev. Gene Norris and Rev. James Freeman – established the Children’s Attention Home after Porterfield, then a young Baptist preacher, saw a tiny child in a waiting room at a prison with no parents and no hope. He saw kids in courts without parents. He refused to allow children who had been removed from abusive homes to grow up alone.

Through this vision and the support of the community, the Children’s Attention Home was born. More than 7,500 kids and 45 years later, the Home continues to be a safe place for these voiceless children in desperate need of love and attention.

While the Home has grown in many ways, the mission has remained the same. The work of Rev. Porterfield is carried out every day in the work of our staff, the stewardship of our board and the support of this wonderful community. Children of all ages, genders and ethnicities are given a opportunity to grow and thrive under dedicated and intentional care.

We have been blessed by his influence, and we are honored and privileged to continue the good work he began.

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