Princess for a Night

November 11, 2019

Homecoming is a special season of celebration for students and adults of all ages. Whether you're gearing up for the big dance or thinking back to memories of times well spent, Homecoming festivities often bring out the youth in all of us.

This past celebration season was a special one for the Home, as well as one of its residents in particular. Rayenell, a tenth grader, decided to run for Class Princess - the highest honor for a girl her age. After filling out the application and adhering to the necessary requirements, she was entered, and the winner would be announced at the school dance. If she was selected, she would need an escort at the football game the following week.

After getting permission from Child Services Coordinator Karla Green to bring a CAH teammate as her escort if she won, Rayenell made her selection.

"She wanted Mr. Jeremiah to be her escort," Green said. "He agreed to take her, so she began to look for dresses, shoes, a everything to have her look like a princess so if she won."

On the night of the dance, Rayenell had one of her friends do her makeup and hair.

"After she got dressed, from head to toe she looked just like a beautiful princess," Green said. "She could not stop smiling or believe how she looked."

While Rayenell was not crowned as the class princess, the experience was still a positive one.

"She informed us that she had a really good time. Even though she was not named class princess, she felt like one that night," Green said. "No one can change that."