New Campaign Helps Teens "Make Proud Choices"

February 13, 2019
A 2015 study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information determined that approximately 29% of teens who have experienced poverty, abuse, and/or neglect have been pregnant at least once by the age of 17. The Children's Attention Home is always looking for ways to grow as an agency and adapt to the changing climate around us. In response to these alarming statistics, the Home recently kicked-off the new and exciting Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy!

According to Executive Director, Emily Parrish, the Home is “so excited for this opportunity through the Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.” She goes on to say, “Through this program, our youth will learn how to make informed decisions and maintainhealthy relationships.We look forward to continuing our partnershipwith the Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and the positive impact this program will have on our youth and our community.”

The program will be taught by current employees of the Home. This allows for a more open, honest, and comfortable environment for the children to learn in. Ms. Juliana, the 2nd Shift Assistant Supervisor, expresses, “I am very excited about this program. This curriculum is relatable to the population of children we serve and it offers a judgement-free education for them.” She finishes by saying, “This will greatly benefit our children. Most of them do not have an adult to talk to about this very personal subject. I want them to feel empowered with the knowledge that we will be giving them and make the best decisions for their future.”

Residential Counselor II, Ms. Sonya Brice, says she wants the children to “have the knowledge to make proper and informed decisions and the confidence to do what's best for themselves!”

The program is curriculum based and will be taught to the children in gender- and age-appropriate groups over the few months.