New Ball Field Completed Thanks to Lutz Foundation

October 16, 2015

The Children’s Attention Home recently completed construction of a brand new athletic field, funded by a generous $15,000 grant from the Chester-based Clarence H. and Anna Elizabeth Lutz Foundation.

The Lutz Foundations awarded the grant to the Children’s Attention Home in February to develop a multipurpose athletic field and provide educational and enrichment activities for the children of the Home. In addition to the construction of the athletic field and new sports equipment, the grant provided resources for the Children’s Attention Home to send toddlers to preschool, take the children to Ripley’s Aquarium on this year’s beach trip and send one child to a science and technology business camp in Atlanta.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Lutz Foundation for their continued support of the Home,” says Executive Director, Debra Eident. “The addition of this field, along with the new sports equipment, provides more opportunities for our children to build healthy, active lifestyles. It’s a gift that makes a long lasting impact in the quality of care we are able to give our children.”

Established in 1970, the Children’s Attention Home provides a place for children to call home during trying times in their young lives. Over the last 45 years, the Home has served over 7,500 children, and continues to serve up to 42 children at any given time. With children ages birth to 21, the Home is constantly seeking to adapt and provide the resources necessary to meet the need in the community.

The Lutz Foundation, established in 1995 after the deaths of Clarence H. and Anna E. Lutz, was endowed to fund various religious and community, as well as education, health and welfare programs in Chester County. In line with their mission to enrich as many lives as possible, it is the hope of the Lutz Foundation to make the Chester community a better place to live, raise a family and retire.