March is Social Work Month!

March 26, 2020

In honor of Social Work Month, Mrs. Cathy shared about the incredible work she does as a social worker for the Children's Attention Home. Here are some of her responses from our Q & A session:

Why do you love being a social worker?

"I love social work because it is a call to action. It is not doing, but leading, coaching, and teaching people to live their lives with dignity, strength and hope. It is a job that feels fills me with purpose. I get the honor of having a front seat and to witness not only triumphs but the challenges. I could not imagine having a better career."

What advice would you give to someone looking to become a social worker?

"Being a social worker means you have to be ready to hit the ground running. It requires you to think outside of the box, get out of your comfort zone, and overcome barriers. It has a stressful side so you have to practice self care, which is so important with any helping profession."

Describe one of your favorite moments as social worker for the Home.

"Well, I have too many to share, but I did have a resident that was almost 18 years old. He was in a homeless situation and sought help through our Crossroads Program. He had a job and an older car that someone had given him, but was unable to drive it because he only had a permit. Together, we set a goal that to get his South Carolina Drivers License. I drove around with him, in the passenger seat and found out he was a great driver! We went together to the DMV and he passed the test. I have never seen a person more proud of themselves. He had tears of joy! I felt so lucky to be with him during such an important event. He got insurance on his car and was able to drive himself and have that true independence he wanted. It was a great day!"

Can you tell us a little bit about your newest social work group "Let's Talk Business"?

"Yes! Let's Talk Business is our newest group that invites residents with full-time or part-time jobs to explore various career paths. Each week, a new guest speaker, such as our Food Services Coordinator, Tammy, or Grants Specialist, Colin, sits down with the group and shares their career journey. The group has been a huge success and the residents are very engaged! The residents and I have learned some cool things about the staff!"