Longtime Teammate Wins Award

March 18, 2019
Each year the Palmetto Association for Children and Families (PAFCAF) hosts its Annual Conference. During the conference they recognize team members from partner agencies who have gone above and beyond in their respective roles. This year our very own, Karla Green was recognized with the Distinguished Service Award!

Executive Director, Emily Parrish, had many kind words to say about Karla in her nomination letter. She refers to Karla as “a role model for her peers” and goes on to say “Karla gives of her time and energy effortlessly and endlessly to the children she serves.”

Karla has been in the human services field for over 30 years; and with the Children's Attention Home for the past 18 years. In her current role as a Child Services Coordinator, Karla serves as a mother-figure to “her kids”, as she calls them, doing case management with several other responsibilities. Those who have met her know that she has been a key figure at the Home for the nearly two decades she's been with us.

When asked how she felt about receiving the prestigious award, Karla simply answered with, “overwhelmed”. Aside from the award itself, the best part of the honor was that it was a complete surprise for Karla. Originally not registered to attend the conference at all this year, Karla was asked at the last minute to go. Her daughters told her that they would also be out of town as well and wished her safe travels. On the night of the awards ceremony, her biography was read and the crowd rose to their feet to congratulate her. Her daughters then came and sat with her at the table. As you could imagine, an emotional Karla was at a loss for words.

After returning to work the next week, Karla expressed, “I felt truly appreciated. Winning this award and reading what Emily said really made a difference. It meant a lot to me! When the Home included my family, it really put it over the top!”

Join us in congratulating Karla Green on a lifetime of achievement and dedication to the children the Children's Attention Home has served over the years!