Learning While We Lunch: Siemen's Energy

June 17, 2022

What a great experience we had at our first tour of the Home's summer Lunch & Learn program, hosted by Siemens Energy! We started the tour with an ice breaker, introductions, and a brief slide show of the history of Siemens. We were then off to our tour all wearing our safety glasses. The first thing that everyone recognized is how large the actual facility was once we were inside. We toured each section of the facility and they explained how they work together. There were many exciting machines making their products. We climbed the stairs and were able to see the newest area of Siemens from the top. We learned a lot about where our energy comes from.

After the tour, Ms. Sharon, a longtime employee and supervisor at Siemens, shared her personal story of overcoming some obstacles in her life. We also had a Q&A session. Afterwards, our group was treated to a wonderful taco bar and dessert, which was a hit with everyone! A big thank you to Siemens for welcoming us and providing so much information and knowledge about future opportunities! Until next time!

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[Written by Cathy Bolduc, Programs Social Worker]