Over $32,000 Raised at Inaugural Deep in the Heart

October 16, 2015
The Children's Attention Home raised over $32,000 at its first ever Deep in the Heart event on Saturday, September 19 in the Adventure Center at Anne Springs Close Greenway.

As promised, the evening was filled with good food, great prizes and unbeatable company. The ticket auction raffle was a hit, bringing in over $5,000 in the first 30 minutes. Anticipation grew throughout the night as the drawing for the highest valued prize drew near. In the meantime, guests enjoyed line dancing, games of corn hole and mingling with other friends of the Home.

Emceeing the event were Renee O'Neil and Alison Rauch of CN2 with various guest speakers including state representative and CAH board member Ralph Norman and Miss Strawberry Festival 2015, Dana Boutwell. Former residents LaNorris Reese and Nicole Motsinger shared their stories from living at the Home, and CAH Child Service Coordinator Mallory Capps shared her experience of day to day life as a direct care team member.

Thank you to our sponsors, raffle donors, volunteers and everyone who attended. Be sure to stay tuned for next year's date!

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