Fun in the Sun!

August 9, 2018
Who doesn't love the beach? Well, for many of the children who live at the Home, the beach is just a place they heard about or saw on TV. Here at the Children's Attention Home we pride ourselves on the life experiences we can provide our children who may not otherwise have them.

Each year, we take a trip to the beach for four days. Our children get the opportunity to not only play in the sand and water, but they also get to enjoy a water park, a family theme park, local shopping, an aquatic exhibit, and so much more.

One of our longer-term residents said, “The beach trip is my favorite outing of the year. Every year I go it gets better and better. I had never been to the beach before coming to CAH so it always makes me happy.”

So often we take the little things for granted. Seeing such joy on our children's faces when they get to do something they've never done before gives such a magical feeling. Although the Children's Attention Home is reimbursed for the children that come into care from DSS, it is simply not enough to furnish a trip like this. The state provides enough to cover their basic needs, but experiences like these are only made possible through the extraordinary generosity of community members like you! Because you care so deeply and altruistically for our cause, YOU have stepped up and chosen to give each of our kids a LIFE. Anytime you give to the Home, you can trust that it is being out to life-changing use. Wow, if only you could see the looks on their faces!

Take a look at some of the awesome pictures captured by our teammates!