May 29, 2022
Several of our youths were able to participate in formal events this spring ranging from prom, Quinceanera, the military ball, and 8th grade formal. Many never knew attending such an event was an option until coming to the Children's Attention Home. The youth we serve don't always have access to opportunities nor resources to partake in those extra-curricular formal events. Here at the Home, we work to overcome these obstacles to exceed industry standards of care and give youth different and new experiences while in foster care.

"This is my first time in a group home. I didn't know what to expect," stated Amanda nervously. "I wasn't sure if I could go because it costs money to dress up. When I was told I could go to the formal dance I was excited to tell my friends at school... they know I'm in a group home and wanted me to go with them."

Amanda was able to attend her Hollywood theme formal dance and turn heads. She excitedly allowed her glam squad to get her ball ready. She stated that she was prepared for the extra care after seeing her peers get ready for the prom. "I liked the attention I'm getting today," she told staff. "All eyes on me. It's all about me today!" She later had so much fun that she didn't want to leave the ball once it was over.

Another fortunate youth was conflicted about the prom. "I didn't know how to feel about going to the prom at first," puzzled Trevor. "I just knew everyone was going but me, so I had to go. It was fun getting dressed up and seeing everyone in a different vibe." He was able to choose a classic tuxedo with splashes of red to compliment his hue. "Everyone knew I looked good," he said proudly.

On the flip side, cultural immersion and traditions are just as important as school events. One youth opted to honor her culture formally by hosting a Quinceanera for her 15th birthday. "It really meant a lot that the kids and staff took my birthday and culture seriously," beamed Lisa. "It's hard during cultural things when you're in a group home because everyone is so different. The fact that everyone WANTED to be part of this and helped me have a true event meant the world to me."

Lisa was decked out in a hot pink gown, draped with a "birthday queen" sash as she twirled the night away dancing with her peers. She only stopped dancing to pose for pictures. "I'm going to remember this," shouted one of Lisa's friends, as he watched her dance to Spanish music and they enjoyed the delicious Tres Leches Cake.