Educational Fun on Spring Break

April 13, 2021

The scholars enjoyed a week filled with fun activities and educational exchanges that included aviation consulting and sports training/management.

The scholars were able to partake in two field trips during spring break outside of their regular activity schedule. One group was able to interview veteran pilot Mrs. Luann Currence about the joys and perils of flying at her private airport in York, SC. They were able to take a quick tour around the hanger while learning about airplane mechanics and the various differences and requirements of commercial and private flying. The potential future pilots learned about early planes fashioned out of stretch fabric, the importance of having the appropriate length for the runaway, plane safety, and sky navigation. They were able to sit inside of Mrs. Currence’s favorite plane, and manipulate the controls. Afterwards, the flight crew went out for wings and lemonade to celebrate their mock flight.

The other group spend time learning volleyball skills, and sports management tips with former professional player Whitney Johnson of the Gislaved Volleybollklubb located in Sweden. Ms. Johnson talked to the ladies about the importance of hustling, good grades, being coachable, the various and needed ways to have longevity in sports, and how to take advantage of all opportunities afforded them.

The scholars did well with engaging the speakers on each outing and during lunch. They were able to hold their own while speaking/ asking in depth and appropriate questions. The speakers praised them for their thoughtful, respectful exchanges, and invited them to come back anytime. These trips are the first of many spring break educational field trips.