Back to School 2020

October 1, 2020

Our residents at the Attention Home have been adjusting to their Back to School routines over the past few weeks. It’s an exciting time, when the kids get a comforting break from being in the home and are able to interact with their friends under more normal circumstances. This year, the adjustment has been a little more challenging than usual, due to the early end of school last year and longer break from in-person classes. A lot of our younger kids haven’t been to school before. In addition to the mental and emotional preparedness for their new routines, there are COVID procedures to think about as well, so the process has been a little different this year.

For the staff, arranging transportation for the varying drop off/pick up times as schools stagger schedules and making sure all counseling appointments are kept has been the biggest logistical hurdle. Ashley McKnight, 2nd Shift Supervisor, says “The residents and staff in my opinion have adjusted well as everyone is able to communicate effectively when it comes to individual schedules and meeting the needs of the residents.”

“I believe the most exciting part about the school year is actually attending school,” says Ashley. She gets to see the children’s excitement first-hand after the school day is over. “Our younger residents have enjoyed meeting their teachers and attending school with new friends and it’s refreshing to staff to hear all the great ‘school stories’ from the residents once they are home.”