The CARE Visit

The CARE Visit

The Children’s Attention Home welcomed Cornell University's consultants, Jen Appleby, and Frank Kuhn, specialists in the CARE model.

June 14, 2024

The Children’s Attention Home recently welcomed consultants Jen Appleby and Frank Kuhn from Cornell University, who specialize in the Children and Residential Experiences (CARE) model. The Home is in the final year of a four-year implementation process of the CARE Model.

The CARE model focuses on creating a supportive and nurturing environment in group care settings for children, aiming to improve relationships and foster healthy development. The model enhances the experiences for children by promoting activities and routines that support their well-being. By embracing CARE principles, the Home seeks to foster unity and consistency, creating a better environment for both teammates and youth.

During their most recent visit, Appleby and Kuhn provided valuable training to teammates and CARE educators at the Home, furthering the implementation of CARE principles in daily interactions and throughout the organization.

Sonya Brice, Shift Supervisor, and CARE Educator, shared, “CARE helps me to be relatable and cognizant of one's life experiences. It helps me to be supportive and considerate of youth.”


Appleby and Kuhn conducted multiple training sessions, expanding on CARE principles and coaching teammates on effective responses to various scenarios. They also provided insights into the continuing implementation of CARE at the Home and offered tools and knowledge to the CARE educators. A highlight of their visit was the Group Development Workshop, which focused on strategies for promoting group development and management. Cathy Bulduc, Program Social Worker shared “the workshop was very valuable for me. I learned new techniques to improve my weekly Independent Living Group meetings.”

With less than a year remaining in the four-year CARE implementation timeline, the Home will transition to the Sustaining phase of the CARE model by Spring 2025. This represents a significant step toward becoming a CARE Certified Agency. Throughout the process, the Home continues to self-evaluate its services, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.