Summertime at the Children's Attention Home

Summertime at the Children's Attention Home

Summertime has arrived at the Children's Attention Home, and the kids are thrilled for a break from school. They're enjoying outdoor adventures and relaxing under the sun. Read to the end to learn how you can help!

June 20, 2024

It's officially summertime here at the Children's Attention Home. The kids have been eagerly waiting for a break from school, looking forward to relaxing and spending time in the sun! Youth at the Residential Program have planned the activities they want to do over the break and are now very excited to go on adventures. In the Day Services Program, the kids have been spending more time outside, enjoying the nice weather.

For the residents at the main campus, summertime means a chance to have new experiences. The teens are very excited about all the new opportunities that summer provides. "I'm excited about more laid-back activities and having a relaxed schedule," shared Kayla. Many residents expressed the wish to go back to Carowinds. The youth took a day trip to the amusement park during Spring Break and enjoyed it so much that returning for another day of fun was a top request.

Alicia Scott, the Program’s Director, shared that while out of school, the teens also work on developing independent living skills and planning for their future, by touring companies, spending time in the kitchen, and having guest speakers. "A lot of activity planning is going on. We want to make sure the youth are busy getting both educational enrichment and having fun," shared Scott.

While the Residential Program makes summer plans, the Day Services program prepares for an increase in the number of kids it receives daily during this period with school being out of session. With that in mind, the team restocks the pantry with more snacks and plans more outdoor activities. "During the summer, we like to take the kids out more often and add in more outside activities like going to the park and the pool," shared Amie Rowland, the Clinical Lead for the Day Services Program.

The community support the Home receives makes many of these outings and activities possible. Visit the Home’s Sponsor a Summer Break Experience sign-up to see experiences available for sponsoring. Another way to help is by getting items from the Home's Amazon Wishlist. Thank you for being part of the Home’s village and helping provide a memorable summer for the kids.