Summer Concert Series

September 22, 2022

This summer, the Home was able to give youth the opportunity to experience music in a new way. Instead of a summer trip, youth were able to attend music festivals and concerts throughout the summer break.


Music is often used as a coping skill for the youth as they deal with various issues and challenges. Having the ability to attend a concert was a game changer for many. “When I found out we could attend a real concert with people we listen to on the radio I was shocked, ” exclaimed Vicky. “My room mate and I couldn’t wait to go shopping for a new outfit. It was definitely a highlight of my life! I’d never seen that many people peacefully together in my life before. It was sooo cool at the Jason Aldean concert when the entire arena started singing ‘Big Green Tractor’ together. It was amazing.”

Oftentimes youth use music to express themselves. The children were instrumental in identifying concerts that reflect the music they love. Attending live performances connected them with the music and artists in a new way. These experiences helped to strength bonds with their peers.

Others used this opportunity to dance and fellowship with their peers in a different element. “I ended up seeing [my housemate] in a different way,” stated Bethanny. “I thought I wasn’t going to like her, but she knew all the words at the concert. Anyone who knows all the words to Alicia Keys gotta be cool.”

Ashley Kennedy, a residential counselor, attended many of the concerts with the youth. “It made me feel good to see how excited the kids were. They danced the entire time. When we got close to the stage Kehlani looked at us. The kids just screamed. It was a dope thing to see.”