Oh the places you can go!

October 31, 2022
The Children’s Attention Home is committed to helping teens and young adults develop successful road maps to achieve healthy independence and sustainable success. Part of the Home’s education initiatives is to ensure that youth are exposed to higher education careers and trades. Through college tours and goal setting, two young adults have been able to smoothly transition to the college experience.
Liam* attends York Technical College. “I was so nervous about taking this next step, but the Home has supported me in overcoming my fear of what’s next,” stated Liam. “I’ve learned so much in this short time in college. My professors are blowing my mind. I’m so happy that Mrs. Cathy and Ms. Kesha pushed me to invest in myself.”
Liam has earned several high marks in his first mini semester in college. He is hopeful to earn a spot of the Dean’s List with his efforts. “I think I will be able to do it,” he said, confidently.
Beth* attends Clinton College and is enjoying the social life of college. She shared, “Growing up in foster care is hard. You don’t get to make friends or participate in activities much, because you may have to move or whatever. So, I was excited when they had all these activities during welcome week. I even tried out for the cheerleading team. I didn’t make it, but it felt good to try.”
Having college students on campus has inspired others to dream big. An upcoming high school graduate, Jean, loves how she’s seen her peers transition from high school to college. “It’s exciting to see Liam graduate high school and then go to college. He seems so mature now, like a for-sure adult. I can’t wait to join him at York Tech next semester.”
The other youth have toured York Technical College, Winthrop University, USC Upstate and Spartanburg Methodist. “Touring colleges is so great. You get to see what you like and don’t like about colleges. It’s cool to have options and people advocating for us to do well and not just telling us to accept anything,” stated Nicole, a future social worker.
Alicia Scott, Director of Residential Services, is pleased with the aspirations of the youth. “We have been blessed to see many residents take advantage of pursing higher education and not letting their past determine their future,” she acknowledges.
The places one could go while living at or beyond their time at the Children’s Attention Home is always upward bound and packed with the tools needed to build a successful life.