Laura's Story Through Her Words

Laura's Story Through Her Words

Laura talks about her turbulent journey and the challenges she faced until graduating high school.

June 27, 2024

I want to start this off by saying thank you. Thank you to everyone who believed in me. I want to say that hard work and dedication got me here, but it was also others cheering for me to be successful along the way.

My story could be a novel from how long it is. I’m not going to lie about how I got here. It’s going to be authentic. Before I got here at the Home, I was in pretty bad and weird living conditions. I started to become more and more involved in older crowds. I was not focused too much on school. Moving around most of my life was a lot for me. Moving in with different people I didn’t know, different houses or places to stay. Being in a room, on a couch, a floor, maybe even a car. Experienced a lot of traumatic experiences.

I’m not going to lie, my first-ever attempt, I was just entering sixth grade. I became severely depressed. I had a lot of clouded judgment. I started to spiral down, I was self-harming, I stopped paying attention, and I went to school every day, but more and more as time went on, I cared less and less. I didn’t think I was going to make it. I was so tired.

My life drastically changed even more than it already had in 2021. I was removed from the place I lived, and I was placed into foster care. I went to a home first, but it didn’t work out. I was still struggling with school, but I tried a little more. My self-harming and depression was happening more frequently. Then I was taken out and placed in a group home. It was a totally different environment with a lot of kids. I only had a month left of middle school and I did better. I was still struggling a little, but I finished moderately well.

Laura's Story Part 1

High school was more of a challenge and though I didn’t think I could, I had taken extra classes, and I was finishing early. My mother is not present in my life, which made it easier each year. Even though she mistreated me and did me wrong, I’m still grateful because I learned a lot. Maybe not from her but from what she put me through even if it negatively damaged me. I’m grateful for everyone I have met and all that I have been through. Even though sometimes it could be hurtful, it taught me a lot.

The point of me saying all of this is that even though I went through all of what I did, and I ended up in foster care I still made it. I struggled with self-image issues and depression, but I still worked hard, and I made it. Though it seems like your world is ending when you experience so much pain, it’s not over. Your life is just beginning. You’ll find the things in life that make it truly worth living. Whether it be a hobby, job, person, animal, or anything. You’ll have days where you feel like none of it is worth it but remember success and happiness don’t always come overnight. Sometimes it could be in a week, sometimes it could be lifelong. That doesn’t mean you should just give up your dreams.

I’m glad to say I have not given up yet. And with the chapter ending, I look forward to a new chapter opening. My life is just beginning, through tears and sorrow I finally see what’s meant to be. Again, thank you everyone. Proud to say I’m a part of the class of 2024.

Laura's Story Part 2

*Names are changed to protect the confidentiality of the youth. The story was authored by a resident and reviewed by the Children’s Attention Home Marketing team.