Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

August 31, 2023

August 30 was National Grief Awareness Day. It's a day to recognize it's okay to not be okay. Youth who have experienced foster care have a unique experience with loss. Through no fault of their own, they often experience loss of connections, friends, normalcy, identity, traditions, home, and family. This summer, the Home hosted grief and loss sessions for residents, providing them a safe space to discuss grief and past experiences and learn healthy ways to cope with these losses.

During these sessions, teens gained confidence expressing themselves among their peers, supported one another, and learn healthy ways to process and cope with the difficult moments throughout their life. While sharing was difficult for some, teens gained confidence and became comfortable sharing what was on their mind. One teen shared, "It is getting more comfortable as I attend the class. I'm open to going more."

Along with residents, teammates have attended special sessions to process loss in relation to their role and support residents through tough times. One teammate remarked, "Our youth are willing to be more open about their traumas and grief and seem to be using some of the tactics learned."

Providing residents with trauma-informed care and support is critical in helping them heal and grow. As these sessions continue through the fall, we're grateful for the financial support that makes programs like these possible for youth and families served at the Home. To support this program and others, visit