Congrats Class of 2023!

Congrats Class of 2023!

February 1, 2024

In January, three seniors walked across the stage to receive their diploma. Even more impressive, all three graduated early! When asked about the best part of graduating, Alex* shared "It's been great to rest!"

And he's right! Taking time to pause and reflect on what has been accomplished is an important part of any growth process, and we love celebrating the kids' "wins". In fact, much to their excitement, our staff surprised them with a graduation party! It was a joy to see them recognized for their hard work and celebrate with everyone.

Seeing steps of success along the way is inspiring. Completing high school is a critical step for long-term success, and our youth overcome tremendous obstacles on their way to this important milestone. For many, they may be the first in their family to graduate or complete high school. As our team often reminds them, "Regardless of your past, it doesn't have to dictate your future."

When asked what she advice she would share with others on reaching this point, Veronica* said to "Just get it done!" She also shared that she was excited for her future, and we look forward to continue walking alongside these three as they approach the next stage they will cross.