Celebrating Graduation!

Celebrating Graduation!

May 30, 2024

It’s time to celebrate! With the end of the school year approaching, we celebrate residents who will walk across the stage and graduate high school. Their graduation not only represents academic achievement, but their strength, perseverance, and hope for a better future.

A common feeling shared among the graduates is relief. All of them feel proud for finishing and having time to take a breath before taking the next steps of their lives. Maya shared that graduating was “a sigh of relief". "High school can be very stressful, but I’m glad to be done and relieved to say I finished.”

Our young adults have many plans for the summer. They are excited to spend more time outdoors, relaxing, and having fun. Some of them shared that they look forward to spending more time with their friends.

But as our teens are having fun and celebrating their accomplishments, they are preparing for their future by planning how to step into independence. One young lady shared her plans to take a sterilizing course to start working in healthcare.

As they celebrate their victories, they also share pieces of advice for others to walk on those same steps next year. Paola wants her peers to remember to “stay motivated and keep focused on the bigger goal. Don’t let your judgment get clouded and stay positive!” Marsha took all she learned from the past 4 years and wants her peers to remember that "when they try to count you out, make them count you in by letting the work speak for itself.” The Home is very proud of the class of 2024 and will help them along the way for them to grow into successful young adults!