$30,000 grant received from Walmart for Healthy Eating

May 4, 2016

Last month, the Children’s Attention Home received a generous grant of $30,000 from Walmart that will help fund the children’s Healthy Eating and Nutrition Education Program. Through this grant, the Home will be able to purchase additional kitchen supplies, off-set some cost for food, pay for a registered dietician fees, cooking classes for the children and additional instructional materials.

Many children come to the Home eating only processed foods, and it is with us that they try their first vegetables. The Healthy Eating and Nutrition Program is one way the Home works to develop every child that comes to live at the Home. Through the work of our wonderful kitchen team, Sara and Maria, our children enjoy healthy, delicious well-balanced meals and are exposed to new foods that they may never have tried before.

Thank you, Walmart, for investing in our children!