2021 Beach Diaries

August 20, 2021

This year, we were thrilled to be able to take our kids to the beach once again! In this article series, courtesy of notes from Ms. Karla, you will get a sneak peak of the fun and shenanigans had by all during their summer vacation.

Beach Day Diaries - Day #1

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Last night was a late night! Everyone was so excited to be at the beach, so some didn't settle down until 1am. Everyone was sleeping in, until they were awakened to the smell of Ms. Audrey's bacon. The thundering herd came flying down the steps, ready for breakfast! This hungry bunch could eat you out of house and home.

After a super breakfast, everyone helped to clean up and then we headed to the beach! Everyone was very excited to go. For three young men, this was their first time coming to the beach! After all of the fun in the sun, everyone was hungry and so we packed up and went back to the house. Tomorrow, we'll enjoy some fun in the pool!

Beach Day Diaries - Day #2

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Today was a rainy day, so we changed it to game day! After another delicious breakfast, everyone played UNO with Ms. Kesha, and to say things were competitive is an understatement. It was agreed that whoever lost had to do dishes for the day. Unfortunately for Ms. Kesha, she drew the short straw! We put away our phones today, so everyone got into the activities. Some of the kids learned to play dominos, and again, it was very competitive! Others watched US Soccer play in the Olympics.

Later, when the sun came out, we were able to have fun in the pool while jamming to some tunes. One of our boys learned to swim, and was excited when everyone else left and he had the pool to himself! Ms. Audrey made chef salad for lunch, which everyone enjoyed. Later in the afternoon, Ms. Kesha took a group to watch the sun set while another group stayed back to resume the intense UNO game.

After the group returned from watching the sunset, we had dinner and went to bed.

Beach Day Diaries - Day #3

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Today, Ms. Audrey and Ms. Quetta went home, and we welcomed Mr. Lamont and Mr. Jeremiah to the beach! Ms. Kesha took several of the kids to the basketball court and then to the beach. After Mr. Lamont and Mr. Jeremiah arrived, all but three went to the beach, and the three water bugs stayed back with me at the pool. Because it was a "no phone" day, everyone participated in the games and fun. Overall, everyone had a good day!

Beach Day Diaries - Day #4

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Everyone has really enjoyed getting to do what they want, including choosing their bedtime! The youngest gentleman chose to go to bed at 12 a.m. last night.

Several youth got to go ride down the main strip in Myrtle Beach last night and eat pizza, so they all slept in. Breakfast was on your own, but lunch was great! Ms. Kesha had an independent cooking class, and they cut up fresh vegetables, peeled and diced potatoes, made lemonade, cooked pasta, browned the ground beef, and put together a fresh garden salad. They set the table and everyone at together. After lunch, the young men and women cleaned the kitchen and everyone left to go shopping for school!

While we were out, one of our young ladies wanted to go to the guitar shop and look around. When we got back, everyone relaxed by the pool and got ready for dinner. We'll see what time bedtimes are tonight!

Beach Day Diaries - Day #5

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Today, our young men kicked off the day by doing their independent living skills and fixing everyone breakfast! Mr. Jeremiah made his honey bun pancakes, eggs, and sausage. After breakfast, everyone helped clean up and we headed out to South Myrtle Beach for the day.

Today, everyone was excited to be out on the beach, in spite of the crowds. One young man got stung by a jellyfish, but that didn't keep everyone else from getting in the water! Our biggest fish from the entire trip is Z. He NEVER wants to get out of the water!

After the beach, we all enjoyed milkshakes on the ride back to the house. The men also cooked dinner tonight, and everyone couldn't wait to dig in! While the men cooked, the girls enjoyed being in the pool playing human tug-o-war. Tonight, we'll go for another night walk on the beach. Enjoy the pictures!

Beach Day Diaries - Day #6

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This trip has grown everyone closer - so much so that we all now have new nicknames! (Sneaky Link, Tictok, Bruh Man, Sleeping Beauty, Snackz, Big Spool, Broskii, Haterade, Chef Audrey, Big Aggy, Fish, Sippy Cup, Unk to name a few!) Needless to say, there are a few inside jokes behind these