180 Days Around the School Year

June 15, 2018

We officially made it 180 days around the school year, and the kids have some great accomplishments to show for it! Because of your support, kids were

able to have the support of daily tutoring as needed, participate in school activities such as band and sports, and so much more. Here are some of the many victories you made possible this school year...

    • Callie* and Dee* celebrated graduating from high school, and two former residents of the Home, Sally* and Chance*, visited us to share that they had also graduated high school this year!

    • Tommy*, a freshman with developmental disabilities, learned to
      recognize all his letters and read his first book. His sister, Maia*, a junior who also struggles with developmental disabilities, learned to read ending sounds on her words, had big improvements in her handwriting, and is reading approximately 2 grades higher than when she came.

    • Twelve students were able to complete job shadowing opportunities at a salon, the police department, a painting company, the YMCA, and an elementary school.

    • Jazz* came to the Home in March making C’s and D’s in all of her classes. She finished the school year with A’s, B’s and C’s in all classes!

    • Maleek*, a 6th grader, is learning his alphabet and how to read simple words.

    • Danny* played on both his school football and basketball teams at Sullivan Middle School.

    • Gabe* was able to continue playing the cello in his Castle Heights Middle School orchestra.

    • Jenny*, a high school sophomore, had only attended school for approximately 10 days this school year before coming to the Home. She stayed at home in her pajamas on the couch. Now, she has learned to get up in the morning, dress in regular clothes, take the bus to and from school, get through the school day, work with her tutor, wash her clothes, shower, and prepare for the next day.

    • Joshua* was able to continue his passion of music in Rock Hill High School marching band and concert band. He attended band camp over the summer and special band activities throughout the year.

    • Kate* completed her year at Phoenix Academy, earning 5 credits instead of losing all her credits due to transfer issues.

    • Isaiah* served as the team manager for the high school football and basketball teams for his middle school.

    • Mark* has improved socially as well as academically. When he arrived at the Home in November, he hardly talked at home and school, but is now a favorite personality on campus.

    • Katrina* came in as truant, having missed 80 hours of seat time before coming to the Home. She’s had a great attitude and will end the year earning six credits as opposed to none due to the missed seat time.

These are the many achievements that are made possible through the incredible gifts and support of you, our community. Because of you, these children are given a second chance to show the world what they accomplish. thank you for believing in what is possible for every child we serve!