Giving Tree

Host a Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is a well-known way to raise support for your favorite cause. You can raise funds or collect items to support the Home (to see all items needed, check out our Amazon lists at

Now, you can set up an in-person display with mobile giving! Learn more below...

Host a Giving Tree
In Person

Put a modern spin on this tradition by hosting a giving tree display with mobile giving options to accept donations! Create a display or physical tree and collect donations online.

(If you would like to also include giving options for cash or check, please have all check donations made out to “Children’s Attention Home”. Check out our community fundraiser toolkit for information about tax deductions, using the logo, and more.)

Create Your Giving Tree Display

Get a Tree, Decorations, and Ornaments

No need to break the bank! Check out thrift shops or second-hand online groups for a tree and light strings. Find pre-cut star shaped or circular paper at local craft stores for the ornaments. Amazon and other craft stores sell paper gift tags and ornament cutouts that work perfect!

Complete Your Online Fundraiser Link
  1. Click here to set up your giving campaign online.
  2. To create a QR code: Copy your campaign link and go to to create a QR code for promoting your mobile giving option.
  3. To create a custom short link: You can also use Bitly or another shortlink generator to create a custom short link for your campaign.
Create a Sign Explaining Your Campaign

Using a flyer, poster, or some other display, create a sign explaining your giving tree campaign. Make sure to include information about the Children’s Attention Home and how the money will be used. Download a copy of your customized QR code and include it on the poster along with instructions for giving.  Be sure to use words like “SCAN TO DONATE” or “SCAN NOW TO GIVE” to make your call to action clear.

Decorate the Tree

Put the ornaments in a basket or on a table with markers. Provide directions to instruct people to scan the QR code to make a donation.  After donating, they can write their name on an ornament and hang it on the tree.

Your QR code can be on the poster or you can print labels with the code to apply to each ornament.

If you would like, we can create ornaments with giving information for you to pick up!

Find a Great Place for Your Display

Display your tree front and center in your office lobby or the lobby of your office building, but why not think outside of the box? Contact local businesses, your community spaces or holiday festival organizers to ask if your tree can be placed inside. Why not make multiple trees and place them around town?  Be sure to have your tree up for any holiday gatherings hosted by your organization.  Don’t be too hasty about taking down your display. Remember that 11% of all donations come in the last three days of the year. Best of all, this tree requires no volunteers! Folks will be able to scan and give in just a few clicks with the online giving platform.

Donate to the Home’s Virtual Giving Tree

Good luck in your holiday fundraising efforts, and thank you for supporting the Home! If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact us! (, 803-328-8871 ext 5981)