Volunteer Opportunities

Give the gift of time

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Children’s Attention Home, Inc. Volunteers are an important part of who we are, what we do, and why we succeed. Whether you work directly with the children or “behind the scenes,” your contribution will make a difference for the children in our care.

Steps to Volunteer…

  1. Review the current volunteer opportunities listed below.
  2. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator (sabraham@attentionhome.org or 803-372-6840) to discuss your interests, availability, time commitment, special skills, and request a volunteer packet. Some volunteer opportunities do not require an application process – see Off-site Volunteer Opportunities.
  3. Complete the required paperwork provided to you by the volunteer coordinator. For positions requiring background checks, the approval process may take up to 6 weeks.
  4. Upon acceptance, all volunteers must attend a 1 hour volunteer orientation. Depending on the volunteer position, an additional time of shadowing in the specific area may be required.

To get involved or for additional information, please contact:

Sharada Abraham
Volunteer Coordinator
(803) 328-8871

PO Box 2912
Rock Hill, SC 29732


Help us continue providing the resources our children need to grow and thrive.

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Off-site Volunteer Opportunities

These volunteer opportunities do not require an application process or background check! They are great options for:

  • Youth groups (church, school, sports, etc.)
  • Families
  • Corporate groups
  • Individuals

Please contact Katy Motsinger (kmotsinger@attentionhome.org, 803-372-6841) to coordinate your involvement.

Help Out Now by Assembling Care Kits!

The majority of our children come into our care with nothing but the clothes on their backs. To help them feel welcome, each child receives an individualized and unique Care Kit to provide comfort and call their own when they arrive at the Home.

As with any home, there are certain daily essentials that we find ourselves in need of on a continual basis. While we have some limitations on what items we can accept because of regulations and limited space, we’d love to talk with you about helping us fill our current needs!

Nothing is more heartwarming than to see the face of a child light up when they receive a new pair of pajamas, a birthday gift, or a back to school outfit and new shoes. Throughout the year, we need assistance providing these types of experiences for the children in our care. Please contact our volunteer coordinator to discuss your interest in participating in a special appeal.

Clothing for Kids-Children often arrive at the Home with only the clothes on their back. This opportunity encourages individuals and groups to sponsor new clothing for children and teens at the Home. This clothing helps us provide every child placed in our care with clothing they will need for school, church, and play.

Easter Eggstravaganza-Connect with the Home by sponsoring a child’s Easter Basket with their special interests and hobbies in mind.

Summer Joy-Connect with the Home by sponsoring a child’s summer kit to include a swimsuit, flip flops, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Christmas in July-Connect with the Home by organizing your friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors to collect items from our needs list for our children and programs.

Back to School-Connect with the Home by sponsoring a child for our back to school drive to provide supplies and clothing for a successful return to school from summer break.

Christmas-Connect with the Home by sponsoring a child’s wish list, organizing a giving tree, providing items from our campus wish list, or giving financially to support the Home.

Organize a fundraiser with your children, faith or social group to raise funds for the Home. Over half of our financial resources are dependent upon support from the community. To get started, download our third-party fundraising packet for our guidelines and application:

To talk with us more about this opportunity, please contact Katy Motsinger, our Community Resource Director (kmotsinger@attentionhome.org, 803-372-6841).

Host a party and encourage your guests to bring items from our needs list or financial contributions for our agency. The Children’s Attention Home cares for children who vary in age, gender, and size. We cannot predict when children will enter or exit our care, and it is difficult to always have exactly what a child will need upon arrival. Financial contributions gives the Home the flexibility to purchase the exacts resources every child needs, and our needs list is updated regularly with our current needs.

Financial gifts can be made online (indicate reason for giving in comment box) or mailed to the following address:

Children’s Attention Home
PO Box 2912
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Note: To receive tax benefit, donations must be made directly to the Children’s Attention Home and not through a third party. For example:

  • If a check is given to the party host and is made out to the Children’s Attention Home, the Home will send a tax receipt to the donor upon the check being processed. 
  • If a cash donation is made and lumped into a collection of donations, the Home cannot issue the original donor a tax receipt.

Invite a representative of the Children’s Attention Home to your next group gathering! We’ve visited children’s Sunday school classes, corporate and civic group gatherings, and many more. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, we’d love to come share our story and learn more about your group or organization.

Email kmotsinger@attentionhome.org with the date, time, group name and information, and your contact information to get started.

The Children’s Attention Home is pleased to work with youth in the area who are wish to make a difference. Please follow the steps below to get involved.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss your interests in connecting with our agency and to receive approval for your project. If you are completing service hours for a community/school group, please provide written documentation to support the requirements of your service and well as the time frame of your project.

We encourage you and your parent to sign up to take a tour of our agency and to learn more about who we are and what we do to better prepare yourself to share our mission.  

STEP THREE:  Choose your service project.

  1. Host a collection drive to collect items from our needs list. Caring for 42 children is a huge task and there are many staple items that we use on a daily basis that need replenishing quickly. We ask that you work with our Volunteer Coordinator to confirm that the items that you are collecting are a good match for the season/time of year.
    Tips: We suggest that you contact local grocery stores to request large boxes for your collection. Wrap each box in child friendly wrapping paper and create a flyer to inform your donors of the agency that you are supporting and why we need the items you are collecting. Place a box at your school, church, neighborhood, or your parent’s place of work. Be sure to gain permission from responsible parties before doing so.
  2. Organize a fundraiser on behalf of The Children’s Attention Home. We are extremely appreciative of additional funding to support our mission. We suggest the following fundraisers: garage sale, lemonade stand, car wash with friends/family, or a bake sale.
    Tips:  Our agency will be happy to provide you with brochures/flyers to pass out to your donors.
  3. Invite the guests of your next birthday party to bring gifts from our current/ongoing needs list to donate to the Home in lieu of gifts. In addition, write a letter/thank you card of support for the Children’s Home and share it with all of your friends and encourage them to do the same for their next party.
    Tips:  Our agency will be happy to provide you with brochures/flyers to pass out to your guests.
  4. Connect with your classmates, teammates, church group, or your neighbors to assemble care kits for the children in our care. There are six types of kits that we use in order to meet the needs of our children.
    Tips: We suggest that you collect financial donations from friends/family/neighbors/etc to purchase the items in need or create a flyer or online sign up to solicit help.

On-site Volunteer Opportunities

To ensure the safety of our children, volunteers that serve are on campus are required to complete volunteer applications, background checks, and attend a volunteer orientation. Please contact Sharada Abraham at sabraham@attentionhome.org to get involved.

On-Site Opportunities

Direct service opportunities involve direct interaction with our children. For the safety and well-being of our children, we require individuals who work directly with our children to be at least 21 years of age. In addition, our children have had many adults walk in and out of their lives, and because of this, many of these opportunities require a regular commitment to ensure consistency.

Independent Living

Volunteers that serve in this capacity assist our Social Worker with planning and implementing life skill curriculum activities, guest speakers, and hands on experiences for our teens.

Activity Leader

Activity Leaders identify personal hobbies, interests, activities and events that they may plan, organize, and lead for the children.

Meal Time Assistant

Meal Time Assistants are responsible for table setting, dinner service, and assisting with clean up of the kitchen as needed. Meal Assistants serve on weekday evenings from 5:15-6:15pm.

Cottage Buddy

Cottage Buddies are responsible working with our children in the cottage setting to help them develop appropriate behaviors, build healthy adult relationships, and spend time playing games, leading activities, or assisting with homework assistance as needed on weekday evenings from 6:30-8pm.

Cooking Instructor

Cooking Instructors share their knowledge and skills by teaching our residents how to select, purchase, and prepare meals. Instructors commit to one visit per month for 2-3 hours.

Physical Recreation Leader

Physical Recreation Leaders plan and lead activities such as swimming, martial arts, cheer, or dance.

Activity Sponsor

Activity Sponsors sponsor a outings to the bowling alley, skating rink, or provide tickets to local attractions and events.

Don’t see an opportunity that interests you? We have many other on-site opportunities in our indirect service roles and group service opportunities. Please email Sharada Abraham (sabraham@attentionhome.org) with any questions regarding volunteering in this area.

Direct Care Volunteer Requirements

  1. All volunteers must have a clean background. Criminal background as well as sex offender checks are completed on an annual basis.
  2. Individual volunteers who work directly with our children must be at least (21) years of age or a student pursuing higher education. However, individuals who are at least 18 years of age are permitted in approved indirect roles.
  3. Most direct service opportunities for volunteers that work directly with our children require a weekly commitment. Please take a look at your schedule before applying and ensure that you can commit to a weekly commitment on the same day and time of each week.

These service opportunities are more “behind the scenes” and may involve limited interaction with our children. Volunteers serving in indirect areas are required to be at least 18 years of age.

Lawn Maintenance Volunteer

Volunteers that serve in this capacity are responsible for the upkeep of our grounds. This includes mowing our lawns, trimming hedges, weeding, and edging. Volunteers are scheduled as needed.

Facilities Maintenance Volunteer

Volunteers that serve in this capacity are responsible for keeping our cottages, buildings, and campus safe and functional by performing routine building maintenance tasks in one or more of the following areas: carpentry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc. Volunteers are scheduled as needed.

Office Assistant 

Office Assistants provide clerical support to our administrative staff in addition to answering phones, directing calls, and greetings our guests. Experience with excel and google is preferred but not required.

Event Volunteer 

We can use your help at one of our signature fundraising events. Start from the beginning and help us plan, join a committee, help secure sponsors or raffle items, or volunteer on the day of the event.


Birthday Buddy

Birthday Buddies are individuals or a small group of 2-3 people who work together to sponsor a child’s birthday by providing cake, supplies, and gifts. Buddies visit our campus on the day of the child’s birthday to decorate their bedrooms and drop off their gifts and party supplies.

Families or groups of 3-15 people are welcome to serve at the Home. These service opportunities can be direct or indirect in nature and require two leaders to complete our application process.

Direct Service Families/Groups may work directly with our children.  Volunteers that serve in this capacity are required to complete a written application, criminal background checks ($16 fee), and attend a (1.5) hour orientation. Special Note:  Children ages 8 & up are permitted to serve alongside adults in approved family friendly opportunities.

Indirect Service Groups complete a one time or occasional service to the Home and do not have interaction with our children. They are provided a brief orientation and complete projects that include painting, cleaning, or organizing. Indirect volunteers who provide a one time service do not complete applications or background checks.

Ways to Connect


Adopt A Meal-Connect with the Home by preparing home cooked meals, bagged lunches, or purchasing take out for the children.

Activities-Groups are welcome to plan and organize picnics, games, sports clinics, or other fun activities for the children in our care. Please click here for more information.

Outings-Groups are welcome to sponsor an outing for children. Popular outings include skating, visits to the trampoline park, bowling, or enjoying a movie. Please click here for more information.

Holidays-Groups are welcome to plan and host special events, holiday parties, and themed events for our children. Please click here for more information.

Adopt A Bedroom-Groups can connect with the Home by sponsoring a child’s bedroom makeover and providing new bedding, wall art, storage cubes, and lounge chairs.

To get involved, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss your interests, availability, time commitment, special skills, and request a volunteer packet at sabraham@attentionhome.org or (803) 372-6840 

Student Volunteer Requirements

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age and are required to be enrolled in an institute for higher learning to work directly with our children.
  • Students are required to commit to a regular schedule for a full semester (Jan-April/May-Aug/Sept-Dec).
  • Students who are 18 years of age and are not enrolled in an institute of higher learning may apply to serve in roles that do not have interaction with our children.

Field Experience/Practicum

The Home is pleased to offer unpaid field experiences for Social Work, Psychology, & FACS Majors seeking their bachelor’s degree. Students seeking a field experience are required to submit a resume, letter of intent, and field experience requirements to sabraham@attentionhome.org in order to be considered for an interview.

Deadlines for applicants are as follows:

Summer (April 1)   Fall (July 1)  Spring (Nov 1)

Groups of 10 or less can make a difference at the Home by completing a service project and helping us keep our campus in tip top shape by cleaning, organizing, repairing, and beautifying our campus. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, at sabraham@attentionhome.org or (803) 372-6840 to discuss an opportunity.

Otherwise, please join us on the 1st Saturday of the month from 9am until 12pm for a Campus Clean Up. Click here to sign up.